Supporting the High Street

It’s no great secret that the British high street is in decline. Internet shopping continues its climb, and more and more we hear of some of the oldest and longest running brands and franchises closing their doors for the last time. Department stores, local shops, restaurants and more are all struggling to stay afloat across the country, and the difference in the towns and cities is becoming more and more noticeable.

For some, this is a shame. Lots of us have grown up with high street shopping as a constant factor in our lives, and it is a sign of the changing times that so much of what was ‘ever present’ is now slowly fading away into the past. For others, this is an opportunity; new premises becoming available to rent has allowed for all sorts of new innovative businesses to spring up. Time will tell whether these new owners will have the longevity of those that came before them, but based on how many signs advertising premises to rent or closing down sales there are, the jury is still out.

Much of the blame for high street shopping’s decline has been placed at the door of the internet. Consumers are handling their shopping online more and more, with everything from clothes to weekly food shops now solved with just a few clicks on a website. Shopping is easier than ever before, but for all the convenience that has arrived online, there is a certain something missing when clicking from page to page.

At DigiiStore, we are helping bridge the gap between online shopping and the high street. By giving customers the ability to send store credit in a unique and personalised fashion, we are encouraging gifting, engagement and support for the local shops directly. Our product catalogue ranges from everything from clothing and fashion to restaurants and even experiences helping people to deliver gifts that deliver something people truly enjoy, and do our part to help keep the British high street alive and kicking in the face of adversity. We give people the means to buy what they are really after, and contribute towards getting feet back on the pavement and breathing life back into towns and cities.

By opening the doors separating the high street and the online world of shopping, DigiiStore are doing our part to keep the retail world in touch with what has come before, leading to a smoother transition and a happier experience for all.

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