While most of us have been sending and receiving gifts for almost all of our lives, it hasn’t always been a consistent experience. Advances like the improvement in delivery standards and the recent overwhelming surge in internet shopping have all been a major influence in how we send and receive gifts.

Cards have been handed out for birthdays, thank-yous and special occasions for decades, and will continue for years to come; but with the disruption to the market being felt by the continued influence of the internet, high street retailers are feeling the strain. Clinton Cards in particular have needed to undergo large scale restructuring in order to ease the pressure felt by their diminishing high street returns.


The Rise of Digital Gifting

It isn’t just gift cards that have been affected by the rise of online shopping either. eBay and Amazon’s enormous selection and the standards of delivery services have meant that it is easier than ever for anyone to buy what they need throughout the year at their own leisure. This has meant choosing a unique and memorable, and thoughtful present has become that much more difficult.

Increasingly, we hear about people sending each other store credit, letting recipients choose their own gift from a selection of brands. While this is an elegant solution to make sure that people get a gift they enjoy, it steals some of the thought and personality from the gifting experience.

It’s not as if various companies, such as moon pig and funky pigeon haven’t tried to fill the gap created here. While they provide an outstanding platform for personalisation, adding on additional products such as flowers and novelty gifts, none have the sheer range of gifting items that shoppers today look for. People aren’t just seeking something personalised, but something they know can give them what they truly want.


What Makes DigiiStore Different

At DigiiStore, we offer our customers the best of both physical and digital worlds when they send gifts. By combining personalised cards with the convenience and flexibility of store credit, we have created a simple, memorable and reliable way to send a present that will be truly loved: in a DigiiGift.

With a DigiiGift, recipients have access to the expansive DigiiStore library of both local and global brands. Whatever their age, interests or tastes, DigiiStore has something to fit the bill.

Choose from one of our expertly designed gift cards, attach a voucher of your choice and pick a date for delivery. We have cards for all occasions and deliver all year round, helping to make gifting easier and more memorable for you.


Take a look at our wide range of cards and brands available on DigiiStore.com and see how you can change the way you gift today.


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